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Scheduling Software made for and made by Insurance Adjusters.
routing for insurance adjusters
calling for claims adjusters
scheduling for independent insurance adjusters
Can you or your firm benefit from having a trusted partner help with your first call and scheduling inspection appointments efficiently for your field adjusters?
Start Saving  Time!
Start Cutting Down On Your Cycle Times!
Are you an independent adjusting firm or insurance carrier?  We make time-stamped first contact with insureds to verify valuable claim data and other needed information. Additionally, we can route and schedule inspections for your team of field adjusters.
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Adjusters, Firms, and Carriers Love Us!

"I would recommend this service for any adjusters for the simple reason it lets you be able to focus on scoping and writing good reports. It takes you off the phone and onto the road seeing houses which means more money in the adjuster’s pocket."

Indianapolis, IN

"If you haven't tried it, you're missing out! I love pulling into town on a deployment and looking at my schedule to find out that everyone is contacted, scheduled, routed, and entered into Xactanalyis. Definitely worth the investment."

Columbus, OH

"So this spring I made the decision to give up control of my scheduling of claims. That decision was the best investment I have made yet in ten years of adjusting. My scheduler does more to track down the insureds than I would ever do allowing me to focus on scoping and writing instead of playing phone tag and entering addresses into a mapping system."

Salt Lake City, UT

"Best money I have ever spent! They make the calls, map them and set appointments! Worth every penny!"

New Orleans, LA
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Xactware Xactanalysis Integration