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16 States that do NOT Require an Adjuster License

Did you know there are 16 states that do not require an adjuster license? If you are just getting started in insurance adjusting, these states limit your upfront investment and allow you to get started right away.

Just because these states don’t require you to be licensed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get licenses elsewhere though. As an independent adjuster, if you even want to be considered for nationwide deployment, you need to start with a designated home state license (DHS) such as Texas or Florida. This will increase your credibility and knowledge base. You can find additional info on this in our blog post Top 10 States for Independent Insurance Adjusters to Get Licensed In.

If you are already an experienced pro or have a DHS license, these are a slam dunk to add to your deployments. You can expect a number of weather events, including hail and tornadoes, in states like Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

The list of 16 States AdobeStock_199774958

  1. 1. Colorado
  2. 2. District of Columbia
  3. 3. Illinois
  4. 4. Iowa
  5. 5. Kansas
  6. 6. Maryland
  7. 7. Missouri
  8. 8. Nebraska
  9. 9. New Jersey
  10. 10. North Dakota
  11. 11. Ohio
  12. 12. Pennsylvania
  13. 13. South Dakota
  14. 14. Tennessee
  15. 15. Virginia
  16. 16. Wisconsin

While some of these plains states have a number of large cities, they also have large rural areas that mean you will want to plan your route and schedule efficiently. Schedule It Pro helps you work more efficiently no matter what state you work in.

Be safe out there!

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Rebecca Wheeling

Written by Rebecca Wheeling

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