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4 Steps to Increase Your Income as an Auto or Property Adjuster


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I had an independent adjuster email this week and say that they are driving all day and barely making any money. They feel exhausted when they get back at the end of the day and don’t even have the energy to update their inspection dates and times until the next morning. They were frustrated and on the verge of burnout. Who can relate? If you are an independent insurance adjuster, staff adjuster, contractor, inspector, or even a parent, I believe you can relate. The problem? Setting the boundaries.


A good friend of mine suggested that I read the book “Boundaries” What does this book have to do with increasing your income? Everything! In the beginning, we are hungry to get claims that we will accept anything. A dispatcher calls and says, we have a claim that is 400 miles from you one way, will you accept it? We say “ Yes! I will be there tomorrow.” We are eager to please because we have been asking for an opportunity for months and here it is. This can go on for a while but then you get exhausted from all the driving, expenses, lack of sleep and burnout, you are trying to figure out why you are doing this. At this point, you probably can’t see the forest because of the trees.


First, make the most of your time! Get signed up on Schedule It and start letting it help you save time. You may think that you do not need it because the claim volume isn't more than you can handle but it will save you time by automating the admin work you currently manually do. It even updates your inspected date / time for you from the mobile app. Every minute counts and use them to help you get the biggest bang for your time.


Second, once you submit your estimate to review, there is an area you can put in your estimated income and your actual paid income in Schedule It. This is key. You need to start doing this because it will show you which companies you are making the most money on. Once you have some data in there, then you can make an educated decision based off facts on who you need to take more claims from or who you might want to no longer accept claims from. Your time is valuable. Make the most of it.


Third, start evaluating the companies you get inspection requests or claims from currently. Set a mileage boundary that you decide for yourself. Here is an example: If you are taking claims that are 150 miles or more away from you, call the companies and let them know you can't take anything that is more than 125 miles away. If you receive an inspection request that is more than your mileage boundary, call them asap and let them know it needs to be reassigned to someone else. Set your Boundaries! Stick to them. Just decreasing 25 miles will save you an hour of time.


Fourth, call any of the companies you have turned away business from in the past and tell them you can take assignments for them now but only within a 100 mile radius. This is the beginning of diversifying your claims received.


By applying these simple four techniques, you will be able to increase income immediately, decrease drive time and diversify who you receive your claims from. The biggest mistake we can make is taking more than 20% of your claims from the same IA Firm, Contractor, or Insurance Carrier. It is the same as not putting all your eggs in one basket.


You want to know who has claims in your area? We want to help you get more claims. Click the Get Claims button and one of our team members will help you get the names of companies assigning claims in your area.


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Rebecca Wheeling

Written by Rebecca Wheeling

Rebecca Wheeling is the CEO and co-founder of Schedule It, which provides P&C insurance carriers with a proven solution that enables field adjusters, staff adjusters and claims department managers to do more with fewer resources. The patent-pending Schedule It Pro™ software was created by adjusters who were tired of only spending 60 percent of their time closing claims.