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Become a Time Management Expert (Part 4 of How Stressful Is It Being An Insurance Claims Adjuster?)

There are only 24 hours in a day, yet some people are able to produce significantly more in their 24-hour period than others. They've learned certain techniques for getting more done in less time – a great skill to have when you're bombarded with claims. Here's how to follow their lead. 


5281453002_ab257fec82_z.jpgWe could all use more time, especially adjusters. Image credit: Flikr by Sean MacEntee

Prioritize. As an insurance adjuster, you’ll need to prioritize all your daily tasks or you’ll never get anything done.  Many people flounder because they try to pack too much into the day. Set your top three or four priorities and focus on those.

Stop wasting time. In The 10 Biggest Time Sucks, Toni Robbins sheds more light on why you're not getting anything done. Some of the biggest culprits? Time sucks like social media, non-work email, the Internet, apps, video games and instant messaging. Turn off all those phone notifications and schedule certain times to check your email, messages and other social accounts.   

Focus.  Our brains really weren’t designed for multitasking; they perform more efficiently when allowed to focus on one thing at a time.

 AdobeStock_73062896.jpegHow do adjusters get more done? Image credit: Adobe stock


Supercharge your productivity with the right tools. Adjusters that seem to close a lot more claims don’t have magic up their sleeves or clones. They know who to call for help when simple time management isn’t good enough. Here are a few services designed to help adjusters speed up the claims process and close more claims.  

Schedule It provides software to route, call and schedule your appointments automatically, saving you hours with each claim.  

Ridge Top Ariel Technologies uses satellite imagery to provide precise roof diagrams with pinpoint accuracy and a lightning-fast turnaround time.

When you’ve got your act together and a little help during busy times, you'll have one less thing to stress about. Check back soon for Part 5 of How Stressful Is It Being An Insurance Claims Adjuster:  How to Avoid Burnout. See ya on the storm!
When nature gets destructive, you get productive.

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Rebecca Wheeling

Written by Rebecca Wheeling

Rebecca Wheeling is the CEO and co-founder of Schedule It, which provides P&C insurance carriers with a proven solution that enables field adjusters, staff adjusters and claims department managers to do more with fewer resources. The patent-pending Schedule It Pro™ software was created by adjusters who were tired of only spending 60 percent of their time closing claims.