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Top 5 Ways to Be Stress-Free (Part 1 of How Stressful Is It Being An Insurance Claims Adjuster?)

Life as an insurance adjuster can be very demanding. Your phone is always ringing. Emails pile up. Supervisors and insureds constantly ask for updates. The job requires a unique set of skills, including empathy, thick skin and lots of patience. How do you know if you have what it takes?

AdobeStock_77750074.jpegBeing a claims adjuster doesn't have to be like this.  Image credit: Adobe stock

While claims adjusting can be stressful, it comes with many rewards.  At the end of the day, you get to go home knowing that you are helping people in unfortunate circumstances.  Does that make it all worth it? Maybe, maybe not.  It depends on you.

If you think like an optimist and are able to look at things as challenges instead of threats, this might be the job for you. If you can dedicate yourself to the job and keep a positive attitude, you can move up very quickly in this field.  Attitude is everything in the adjusting world! 

If claims are keeping you up at night, here are a few tips to lower your stress levels:

  1. Know what you can and can't handle - Insurance adjusters deal with many kinds of claims. Knowing your likes and dislikes can help you determine the right industry niche. Are you afraid of heights? Can you climb a roof? Can you be away from your family for extended periods of time?

  2. Build a network - Each claim is unique, but there's a good chance another adjuster has experienced something similar before. They can help!  Get involved with industry associations like NACA or NAIIA to gain helpful perspective and advice.   

  3. Become a time management expert - Adjusters can be prone to long hours and seven-day workweeks. You need to be as efficient as possible. The more claims you close quickly and accurately, the more work you get. Consider services or software that can help with different aspects of the claims process, like mapping, contacting and scheduling appointments or sketching roofs

  4. Avoid burnout - Leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is key to being physically and emotionally capable enough to deal with workplace stressors. If you start the workday tired, uncomfortable and emotionally out of sorts, it will be hard to cope with the day's challenges. Gillette Nutrition offers great resources to get your diet on track and feel more energized.   

  5. Maintain a sense of humor - Being an adjuster really can be fun. Everything and anything can happen. We all have our stories. 

Want more stress-busting tips? Check out Part 2 of How Stressful Is It Being An Insurance Adjuster?, where we go in-depth on Knowing What You Can and Can't Handle.  Stay safe (and relatively stress-free) out there. 

See ya on the Storm!
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Rebecca Wheeling

Written by Rebecca Wheeling

Rebecca Wheeling is the CEO and co-founder of Schedule It, which provides P&C insurance carriers with a proven solution that enables field adjusters, staff adjusters and claims department managers to do more with fewer resources. The patent-pending Schedule It Pro™ software was created by adjusters who were tired of only spending 60 percent of their time closing claims.