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Build a Network (Part 3 of How Stressful Is It Being An Insurance Claims Adjuster?)

Emotional support is essential for dealing with life’s difficulties. The American Psychological Association’s 2015 Stress in America survey found the average stress level for those with emotional support was 5.0 out of 10, compared with 6.3 for those without such support. Finding fellow adjusters to share frustrations, achievements and advice makes all the difference in the claims adjusting field. Here's how to get started. 


Check out social media groups. Each claim is unique, but there is a good chance that another adjuster has experienced something similar before. Facebook closed groups like Adjuster Central and Cat Adjuster Stuff are great places to connect, ask questions and even vent. Most of the members are extremely helpful and will answer questions quickly, or just empathize with your frustrations when there isn’t a straightforward answer.  



Me and some fellow adjusters at a NACA event.

You can also reach out to seasoned adjusters before you pay for a class, go to a training center, or make a long trip only to find out that you aren't really helping yourself, but giving money to the big boys!

Join an industry association. Involvement with industry associations will provide enrichment and help you develop a network of contacts. The National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters (NACA) is a great one for catastrophe adjusters, and it even offers a mentor program. If you’re new to adjusting, you can benefit greatly from an experienced adjuster's advice and training.  The National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (NAIIA) is another helpful association. 

Looking for more ways to decrease your stress? Up next, we'll discuss Time Management in Part 4 of How Stressful Is It Being and Insurance Claims Adjuster. Stay safe out there!


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Rebecca Wheeling

Written by Rebecca Wheeling

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