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Maintain a Sense of Humor (Part 6 of How Stressful Is It Being An Insurance Claims Adjuster?)

 Some of the people you meet in the field are having a bad day. Others are having the worst day of their lives. It can be very emotional. While people might lash out at you, you must remain calm, tactful and reassuring. You are there to help, and that can be very rewarding. The more you can laugh off at the end of the day, the better your stress level will be.  



Who wouldn't laugh at this truck? Image credit: Flickr by John C. Bullas


Despite its challenges, claims adjusting really can be fun. Everything and anything can happen. You’re going to run into some fascinating people and odd situations. You will have some interesting stories to tell, for sure. All adjusters do!


Wild kingdom


It definitely helps if you are not skittish, because you will have animal encounters. They might be dead or alive, on the roof, or in the crawl space. Dead cats, bees, lizards, snakes, spiders, scorpions, you name it. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Just kidding; I don’t know anyone that has run into one of those during an inspection. Like I said, though, anything is possible.  


Wild encounters can involve more than just animals, too. I once walked into a bedroom (led by the homeowner) at an insured's house for a scheduled appointment and found two teenagers, naked in the bed. They just stayed there, safely under the covers, while I quickly inspected the ceiling in that room. Can you say awkward?  For more cringe-worthy tales, check out these seven wacky claims stories by industry veterans.


2625391123_70eeb69799_o.jpgYeah, that would be very awkward. Image credit: Flickr by Joel Telling


Laughing on the line


Speaking of teenagers, an insured was overly concerned about me waking up her teenage son while I was on the roof.  I was trying to schedule an appointment for noon, and I had to promise I wouldn’t be jumping up and down on the roof. It was a little bit hard to keep a straight face on my end of the line. It’s good to know she cared so much about her son getting his rest, though.  

Phone calls like these are another good reason to use Schedule It, which automatically schedules appointments for you, so you can skip this time-consuming part of the claims process. Don’t worry, you won't be missing out: Most of the entertaining things happen out in the field, not over the phone.  

Feel prepared to tackle any claim after reading this series? Time to put those stress-relieving techniques to the test. We're wrapping up our series How Stressful Is It Being An Insurance Claims Adjuster? with Part 7: Are You Ready To Be An Insurance Adjuster?

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Written by Rebecca Wheeling

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