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Ready, Set, Give



It is my favorite time of year again. Time to help people. Hurricane season is like Christmas for all of us in the adjusting world. Not for the reasons that you might think. There are common phrases that we hear about like watching the Money Channel, baby needs a new pair of shoes, and all the other money suggestive phrases. But, for me, and the people that I am blessed that God has put into my life, we are all focused on two things. First, making sure everything is ready to go. Tools, laptops, tires, oil changes, credit cards, coolers, and the list goes on and on. Second, we are thinking of creative and simple ways to make a difference with all the people we will come in contact with, once deployed.  

Here are some suggestions that you might want to consider when getting ready for your deployment to help Hurricane Florence families:

  • Collect the shampoo, conditioner, and soap from all your hotels throughout the year and put them into baggies to pass out. This works for homeless people too!
  • Check out the school supply sales. You can pick up boxes of crayons to give to kids.  They love them!! It keeps them occupied while you inspect the damages too.
  • Pick up some cookies when you get to your deployment site and separate them out in baggies. Hand them out at the gas stations, fast food restaurants, and anywhere you run into people. You will make their day when you tell them that you wanted them to know that someone cared.
  • Buy a bag of chewy small dog treats. Dogs have been traumatized too. They are more territorial after a hurricane. If you have a few treats in your pocket or your tool belt, you might appreciate being able to throw it to get the dog away from your leg vs the alternative.  

These are just a few suggestions. Post your suggestions down below for everyone else to use too. If you need a tool list, here is a great list that is from the suggestions of hundreds of different adjusters.  

Remember, the more you give, the more you will be blessed.

Be safe out there,



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Rebecca Wheeling

Written by Rebecca Wheeling

Rebecca Wheeling is the CEO and co-founder of Schedule It, which provides P&C insurance carriers with a proven solution that enables field adjusters, staff adjusters and claims department managers to do more with fewer resources. The patent-pending Schedule It Pro™ software was created by adjusters who were tired of only spending 60 percent of their time closing claims.