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Rebecca Wheeling Urges Fort Knox Personnel to Start Local Businesses

Summit (1).pngThank you to the Kentucky Innovation Network for inviting Schedule It CEO Rebecca Wheeling to participate in the Entrepreneurial Summit in Fort Knox Oct. 19! Rebecca had the chance to connect with local military personnel and share our company’s story.


While working as an independent insurance adjuster on Long Island after Superstorm Sandy, Rebecca was only able to handle hundreds of insurance property claims that flooded in because she hired a personal scheduling assistant to map, call, schedule and document everything. She started Schedule It in January 2013 to make that same success achievable for other field adjusters. Today the Schedule It Pro software is fully automated, replacing personal scheduling assistants. 

Schedule It has been able to scale faster because of the mentors and angel investors in the area. It’s easy to see why Elizabethtown was recently identified as the No. 1 place in the US to start a business, with the most startups per capita.

“The mentors and angel investors in this region are the reason for the  No. 1 ranking,” Wheeling says. “They don’t just assist startups with financial investments, they take the time to guide new businesses on what to do, what to expect and how to overcome the issues they face on a daily basis.”   

Today, Schedule It has a network of mentors, investors and dozens of employees, all working to create a better property and casualty claims process for insurance adjusters, independent adjusting firms and insurance carriers.  

During the Entrepreneurial Summit, Rebecca offered takeaways from her experience as an entrepreneur so far. Vision is only the first step in your entrepreneurial journey – communicating your vision clearly is essential for your business to succeed. Find good mentors, take their advice and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  

In recognition of the veterans in the audience, Rebecca also shared Patton’s six elements of battle command: visualization, conceptualization, decision-making, information assimilation, communication and leadership. These skills make the difference, whether you’re a military leader or an entrepreneur.

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