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Schedule It Revolutionizing Property Claims Industry After Hurricane Matthew

AdobeStock_103299963.jpegAs the Southeast cleans up after Hurricane Matthew, Schedule It, the leader in insurance property claims inspection scheduling, is changing the way homeowners are contacted during high-volume catastrophe events.


Schedule It is providing scheduling services to hundreds of staff and independent adjusters from 23 independent adjusting firms contracted to manage claims for 51 insurance carriers. These insurance carriers hire IA firms to provide trained and licensed independent adjusters to handle the massive uptick in claims during catastrophic events. Hurricane Matthew caused an estimated $10 billion in insurance company claims expenses to U.S. residential and commercial properties, according to Goldman Sachs.

Schedule It schedules and confirms most appointments within 48 hours and updates information in claims management systems, allowing everyone to see claim progress in real time. The structured, automated process eliminates time-consuming calls between carriers, IA firms, adjusters and insureds about claim status and enables everyone to return to day-to-day operations more quickly.

“As a former insurance adjuster, I spent an average of 23 minutes per claim entering addresses into Microsoft Streets & Trips, routing claims manually around already confirmed appointments, calling to schedule inspections, and documenting files in the insurance carrier’s claims management system,” Schedule It CEO Rebecca Wheeling says. “It may not sound like much, but multiply 23 minutes by 100 claims, and you have nearly 40 hours of administrative work! Adjusters can help 20 more property owners in the same amount of time by using Schedule It.”

Combining the proprietary Schedule It Pro™ software and a team of compassionate scheduling assistants, Schedule It empowers field adjusters to focus on inspecting property claim damages more thoroughly and submitting reports to claims departments with fewer mistakes. Schedule It Pro™ saves adjusters time with personalized claim mapping, calendar sync to any smart device, contact note templates, and integration with XactAnalysis® and Xactimate®. To save even more time during hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, hail, fires and other catastrophes, Schedule It’s personal scheduling assistants can handle the scheduling process from start to finish, including contacting insureds, verifying claim information, mapping and scheduling claim inspections for adjusters.

“I just recently received my claims and they’re already scheduled for inspection. I’m driving up to North Carolina now and don’t have to worry about scheduling at all,” says independent adjuster Robbie Poche, who has used Schedule It to schedule over 400 property claims so far this year. “I tell every adjuster I know, ‘This is the best money I’ve spent all year!’”

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