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Maximize adjuster productivity with the Schedule It mobile app

Go mobile with Schedule It's scheduling & routing app. Our app optimizes your personal schedule based on inspection preferences and the length of time it takes you to inspect different claim types. Coupled with improved GPS location data, our app gets you to the most inspections possible on a single day, and maximizes your income.

Instead of using an average inspection time that is applied to everyone, our mobile application will learn how fast you complete each type of inspection. For example, if you have a hail claim with interior damage in multiple rooms on a property with multiple structures, the app will take the data acquired on previous claims and know that you can inspect such a claim in 2.25 hours.

You can complete claims faster and get more assignments from adjusting firms and insurance carriers.

Download to your mobile device today. 


App features: 

  • Automated scheduling -  via text, phone, and email. First contact within 5 minutes (on average) of assignment.

  • Multiple views
    - Choose between 1 day, 3 day, week, and month views of your inspection appointments.

  • Directions to your appointments - Maps of daily routes, turn-by-turn navigation to appointments, and street view of property addresses.
  • Contact your insureds easily with the push of a button - Send a text message or place a phone call to your insureds using your phone's default apps. No need to enter phone numbers while on the go. 
  • Search your schedule for a specific insured - Search by name, phone number, email address, street, city, state, zip code, appointment status, or claim type. 

  • Track income for each claim -
    Quickly and easily enter your estimated or paid income on each claim. Income reports available in the web app give you average paid per claim, which IA firms have the highest average payment per claim, and which claims you are waiting to be paid
  • CMS Sync with compatible CMS systems - Set up and manage from the app. Add credentials for a Sync, view the history, and trigger the Sync to check for new claims.
  • Adjuster dashboard - View all of your open claims and manually add a new claim or have the app optimize your schedule based on your Scheduling Preferences. Includes system-wide ranking against other adjusters by claims closed and see top firms assigning claims.

  • Inspection preferences - Add, edit, and remove blocks of unavailable time on your schedule. This lets you plan lunches, or add time for writing estimates, and the system won’t schedule inspections during those times.
  • Manage claims - View and answer claim questions and manage claims by status to see which claims still need scheduled or contacted.

Secure appointment calendar anywhere

Our app provides an extra layer of security with user authentication that prevents unauthorized access to your schedule and claims data.


Available for Android and iOS.


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Calendar View

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