Rebecca Wheeling, CEO and Co-Founder of Schedule It

Rebecca Wheeling, CEO and Co-Founder

Rebecca co-founded Schedule It in 2013. Working as an insurance adjuster, she saw the need for a solution to help insurance adjusters handle claims more efficiently, insurance carriers to increase customer satisfaction, and policyholders to return to normal more quickly after disasters. As CEO of Schedule It, Rebecca oversees all aspects of the company’s day-to-day activities and strategic direction.

Rebecca is a nationally recognized speaker, providing actionable insights for insurance claims adjusters to eliminate distracting tasks, work more efficiently, enhance customer satisfaction and improve their bottom line. She is the president of the National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters and was recently recognized as an emerging entrepreneur by the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.

Before founding Schedule It, Rebecca worked as an independent catastrophe adjuster, earning a reputation for her attention to detail and fast, professional work. Rebecca has an MBA from Sullivan University, volunteers on the stewardship committee at Revolution Ministries, and lives in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Misty Flood -  Adjuster Relations Lead

Misty Flood, Client Relations Coordinator

Christina Meredith, Junior Developer

Christina Meredith, Junior Developer

Johnathon Grubb, Developer

Johnathon Grubb, Developer

Jason Saunders, Lead User Experience Analyst

Jason Saunders, Lead User Experience Analyst

Ricardo Segovia, Senior Developer

Harol Alvarino, Senior Developer

Harol Alvarino, Senior Developer

Brittany Bogan, Senior Employee Relations Coordinator

Brittany Bogan, Senior Employee Relations Coordinator

Debbie Seaton, Billing Coordinator

Debbie Seaton, Billing Coordinator