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Reduce cycle times and improve customer experience

Schedule It reduces claim resolution time by automating inspection mapping, routing, scheduling, and file note completion. Adjusters are more able to focus on actual inspections instead of paperwork, phone tag, and missed opportunities to connect with claimants.


Schedule It's Solutions:

  • Optimize adjuster routing
  • Automate inspection scheduling
  • Streamline claims documentation
  • Maximize overall productivity
  • Reduce loss costs
  • Close claims faster!

Schedule It Pro (SIP)

Schedule It Pro (SIP) is a SOC 2-compliant software solution which automates the back-end processes of the insurance adjustment process leaving adjusters free to inspect and helping independent adjusting (IA) firms close claims faster. SIP's self-service options enable more user control over the scheduling process with access to automation and better tools which ensure a professional handoff from insurer to IA firm to policyholder.  


Schedule It dramatically improves received-to-contact times, increases the quality and timeliness of communication back to insurers, and provides real-time analytics to help you route claims to your most productive adjusters.


Features, Functionality & Benefits:

  • Assign claims more efficiently based on adjusters calendar
  • Ability to schedule and route more efficiently
  • Time-stamped first contact typically occurs within minutes instead of hours or days
  • Increase accuracy of documentation with automated file note completion
  • Integrates easily with any claim administration system (CAS)
  • Onboard users quickly with minimal training necessary
  • A fully controlled and managed claims process
  • Customizable management and scorecard reporting
  • Secure mobile app with GPS location data 


Schedule It Pro helps IA firms and adjusters increase productivity, make meaningful contact faster and close claims faster

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Work in any platform

Sync Schedule It Pro with any claim management system, and contact notes fill in automatically in both places.

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