Hurricane damage B.pngOur experienced team of schedulers handles thousands of claims every day
Personal scheduling assistants (PSAs) will:

  • Optimize your routing
  • Automate your inspection scheduling
  • Keep you organized
  • Maximize your overall productivity
  • Increase your client satisfaction
  • Get you on the road to inspections faster and safer
  • Help you inspect more claims and close claims faster every day of the year!
mapping and routing

Mapping and Routing

Maximize productivity by letting our PSAs create optimized inspection routes. We map routes based on adjuster preferences, including maximum mileage allowance to identify easily which claims are best to fill calendar openings.

calling and scheduling

Calling and Scheduling

Who answers a phone number they don’t recognize today? Don’t spend time leaving messages and listening to voicemails. Our PSAs make all the calls and schedule inspections based on adjuster preferences, including claims per day, start time, appointment window and average inspection time. Plus, Schedule It Pro integrates with any claim management system to provide time-stamped first contact in minutes.


file documention

File Documentation

Keeping claim files updated just got easier. We document each call based on specific IA firm or insurer needs, including contact times and notes. Our software also integrates with any claim management system, providing even more visibility into claims.


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Schedule It in phone square-1.pngNot ready for a personal scheduling assistant? 

No Problem. You can still be in complete control. You can use the Schedule It Pro software on your own or with a teammate who already handles your inspection scheduling to:

  • Optimize routing
  • Automate inspection scheduling
  • Stay organized
  • Maximize overall productivity
  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Inspect more claims and close claims faster every day of the year!
mapping and routing

Mapping and Routing

Software for real-life road warriors. Our tools enable insurance professionals to create efficient inspection routes. 


calender syncing

Secure Appointment Calendar 

Schedule It Pro puts complete inspection appointment details at the user’s fingertips anywhere they go with our secure mobile app, helping keep everyone updated on claim status. 


file notes

File Notes 

Want to avoid playing phone tag to get file status updates? Schedule It Pro automates file note completion, and prepopulates contact and inspection dates and times in the files. Have a customer with specialized needs? We handle that, too.


income and expenses

Income and Expenses 

Make decisions based on facts, not feelings. Adjusters can see financials at-a-glance and determine profitability based on each partner.


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