Why Scope It? 


There's no learning curve to doing great inspections when you use Scope It. 


Scope It is a hands-on, easy to use training tool for new adjusters in the field, a new adjuster or experienced adjuster could get up to speed immediately!  With the Automatic Labeling features, Scope It makes initial inspections quick and painless. Adjusters are able to have their inspection reports completed in the same day


Success Story #20

"As a Property Inspector, Scope It has made my job much less difficult. Being able to take photos, label photos using voice to text, entering all field notes and measurements into one easy to use app is priceless. The app has the ability to sketch and allows me to track time and file numbers which is also very useful. To top it all off Scope It automatically turns all of this into a very useful PDF report."

- Jason Fingerhut

Speed Up Inspections and No Missed Inspection Items

Electronic Scope Notes with Real Time Data And Talk To Text

Take And Upload Pictures with Automatic Photo Labeling

Same Day Professional Reports for Review or Estimate Writing

Take the Guesswork out of Inspections!


  • A mobile residential inspection tool to speed up inspections and estimate writing.
  • Complete and submit your scopes electronically, guaranteeing great inspections every time with no missed inspection items.
  • So easy to use it can be used as a hands-on training tool for new adjusters in the field and experienced adjusters are up to speed immediately.

Scope Notes

  • Electronic scope notes with real time data and dynamic questions for more accurate documents every time.
  • No more trying to read penciled measurements and partial comments on paper.
  • Faster note taking with voice to text and templated answers for areas of damage and material identification.

Photo Labeling

  • Automated photo labeling when taking pictures.
  • Take and upload pictures, add comments, edit and annotate to highlight damage all in the same app.
  • Mobile App takes a description of the inspection area and automates the labeling of the photos as they are taken saving the adjusters time back at the office.
  • Ability to take and upload videos up to 15 seconds long.
  • Automated Photo Report available with the ability to add additional comments


  • Same day always professional reports for review or estimate writing to speed up turn around time during the claims process.
  • View in progress and submitted inspection reports.
  • Complete mobile inspection even without an internet connection.

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